Consultation on Diamond Purchases

The American Institute of Diamond Cutting offers a varied package in the consultation department, among them are:

  • Examining parcels of rough diamonds for clients, to arrive at a price for purchase or sale, either in our office, or at a remote mining locations.

  • How to set up a diamond cutting factory. This includes what types of equipment to purchase, manpower, production capacity and sales. (See diamond manufacturing and equipment program.)

  • A.I.D.C. consultation also includes licensing laws in different countries, government procedures, custom clearance and much more. (See Diamond Consultation, Domestic and International Travel.)

  • Purchase and Sales

    The Institute’s unique purchasing and sales department is divided into two sections:

    • We provide a service for the purchase of finished diamonds at wholesale prices. Diamonds that are cut and polished in our manufacturing department are available for purchase. These diamonds were obtained directly from the mines, therefore, prices are at a true wholesale level.
    • We offer a unique service in our purchase and sales department for the marketing and purchasing of rough diamonds. Rough diamonds are available for purchase either by a prospective customer, or brokering and sales by clients that wish to market their diamonds in the rough state.

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