Learn to cut and Grade
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Over 32 Years of Quality Education

We are the only Diamond Cutting school in the United States that is licensed to teach the prestigious profession of Diamond Cutting and Rough Diamond Grading in all its phases.

We provide services in cutting and polishing rough diamonds, modernize older cuts, and recutting chipped and broken diamonds.

We provide consultation services for field operations in diamond mining, evaluation for large parcels of rough. Setting up and establishing large or small diamond cutting factories.

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Rough Diamond Grading Program

This program equips the student with the knowledge to evaluate and purchase rough diamonds. Identification on separating natural rough from fake rough crystals. Parcel pricing, single large rough pricing, difference between industrials and gem, etc.

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Diamond Cutting and Polishing Programs

These three programs equip the student for self-employment. The disciplines of sawing, bruting, round brilliant and fancy shapes cutting and polishing are all part of the curriculum.

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Founder and Faculty Information

Profiled are two generations of diamond experts with experience in diamond mining, retailing, wholesaling, diamond manufacturing, jewelry designing, colored diamonds etc. They have spent many years in writing and publishing textbooks for the diamond industry.

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Cutting a 20 Carat Rough Diamond

A step by step documentation of the manufacturing process of a single large rough diamond.

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White Diamond Purchases

Polished diamonds are available for purchase at substantial savings directly from our factory. The 4c’s are explained to all of our retail clients.

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Colored Diamond Investment

A.I.D.C. Advantage offers investment colored diamonds to collectors and investors. A direct source from mine to polishing colored rough diamonds.

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Custom Designing, Bridal Rings, and Jewelry

We can design and mount your finished diamond in 14kt., 18kt., or platinum. Remount old diamonds into modern settings.

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Diamond Cutting and Polishing Services

We offer rough diamond cutting and polishing services to the trade and general industry.

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Recutting, Repairing, and Re-Polishing Services

We can recut older cuts to modern proportions, recut chipped, damaged and broken diamonds.

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Appraisals and Insurance

We will do retail evaluations on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. Appraisals accepted by all homeowner’s insurance policies.

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Consultation on Diamond Purchases

Evaluation on rough diamonds for clients in the field and in our offices. Retail or wholesale evaluation for polished diamonds.

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Laboratory Testing and Identification

Testing for natural and artificial diamonds, treated colors, natural or synthetic rough etc.

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Diamond Consultation

Consultation for field operations in mining and evaluation for large parcels of rough. Establishing large or small diamond cutting factories.

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Mr. Nizam Peters

Founder, Director/Senior Instructor

The director of the Institute, Mr. Peters, is personally available to travel as a consultant and evaluator for rough diamond purchases...

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