Diamond Consultation

Domestic and International Travel

Mr. Nizam Peters

Founder, Director/Senior Instructor

The director of the Institute, Mr. Peters, is personally available to travel as a consultant and evaluator for rough diamond purchases. His extensive knowledge of rough and cut is ideally suited in this arena. The Institute will assist in marketing both the rough and finished diamonds. The American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. has a ready source of buyers available to purchase both small and large parcels. These are diamond contacts developed by the Institute over the last 30 years.

Mr. Peters is also available for advice and consultation on the following. Arrangements can be made in advance by contacting Mr. Peters directly. Fee schedule and availability to travel can be discussed by contacting the Institute.

  • The installation and operation of both small and large size diamond cutting factories.
  • Advice on equipment that exist for diamond manufacturing.
  • Valuation and appraising of both rough and finished diamonds.
  • Cutting and polishing procedures for single large pieces of rough and parcels.
  • Cutting and polishing procedures to intensify color in fancy colored diamonds.
  • Identification of clarity enhancement in both rough and cut diamonds.
  • Identification of natural and synthetic diamonds as well as natural and laboratory grown.
  • Additional consultation is available upon request.
  • Rough diamond grading room
    Semi-Automatic diamond sawing room
    Diamond Cutting and Polishing room

    The above photos show a manufacturing project that Mr. Peters has designed, managed, and brought to initial production levels. The factory at full capacity will contain a 200 man workforce. At the onset, Mr. Peters has worked with the architects to design the inside of the factory for optimum performance. He works directly with the diamond equipment companies to bring state-of-the-art equipment that will compliment each other. He will personally screen, select, and train the initial core of workers. Mr. Peters will also assist in developing, marketing, and sales of both rough and finished diamonds.

    To review the entire range of consultation services that the Institute offers, you may request a complete package by calling or emailing.

    Kimberlite diamond mine
    Diamond bearing gravel
    Grease beds to seperate the diamonds from the gravel

    Over forty years ago, diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes were discovered in China. In recent years, some of these pipes have been mined to produce both gem and industrial rough. Mr. Peters has been a consultant for this mining project (see above photos). His expertise was valuable in defining a viable rough grading system for sorting, grading, and manufacturing. He also supervised the security procedures for the entire mine. This included setting up state-of-the-art equipment, hiring and training of security personnel, and supervising the installation of the system.

    To review the entire range of consultation services that the Institute offers, you may request a complete package by calling or emailing.